Energy Strategy

Energy efficiency is the fastest, cheapest, and largest untapped solution for saving energy, saving money, and preventing greenhouse gas emissions. As long as you use a good strategy to make your energy use more efficient then, alongside the use of Usave to switch to a cheaper provider, you will be able to save a lot of money.

Through ENERGY STAR, EPA has helped thousands of businesses and organizations tap these savings in the places where we work, play, and learn. Use the other links below to find out how you, too, can become part of the solution.

Buildings &
Plants Strategy

Learn how your building can earn the ENERGY STAR

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Guidelines for Energy Management

Get started by applying our proven strategy to set performance goals, create and implement action plans, assess performance and progress, and recognize your organization’s achievements.

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Commercial Building Design

Make energy performance a priority in your next building’s design. Use Target Finder to set your energy performance target.

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Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency

Make sure your buildings deliver environmental and financial results.

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Energy Strategy for the Future

Discover the steps U.S. businesses should take today to prepare for the energy challenges that lie ahead. Learn more about the recommendations of twenty leading U.S. companies in the ground-breaking report, Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead.

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Tools & Resources Library, including free resources, like Portfolio Manager, to assist your organization in meeting its energy performance goals.

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Experienced Professionals

Expert help found through use of directories of service, products providers and energy efficiency program sponsors. Networking opportunities with peers who have successfully used energy management best practices. Training including introduction to ENERGY STAR, Creating Action Plans, Assessing Performance, and Financing Strategies.

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