Our CAMP Service Plans

Our Comprehensive Action Maintenance ™ Program (CAMP) provides companies with a professionally managed, on-going Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Preventive Maintenance Program. The program is initiated, scheduled, administered, monitored and updated by Jake Marshall Service, Inc.

The program’s activities are regularly scheduled and based upon manufactures recommendations, equipment application, location, type, operating time, maintenance history and our HVAC experience. You will be kept updated and informed on your program’s status through Detailed Service Reports, presented after each visit for your review, approval and records.

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Comprehensive Action Maintenance Program

(CAMP) Full Service Maintenance agreement that provides the Labor, Preventive Maintenance Materials, required for the proper maintenance of contract equipment. Repair Labor and Parts are also included.


Customized Action Maintenance Program 1

(CAMP1) Service and Maintenance agreement that provides the Labor and Preventive Maintenance Materials required for the proper maintenance and repair of contract equipment. Repair parts are billed as extra.


Customized Action Maintenance Program 2

(CAMP2) Maintenance agreement that provides the Labor, Preventive Maintenance Materials required for the proper maintenance of contract equipment. Labor and materials for repairs are billed as extra.


Customized Action Maintenance Program 3

(CAMP3) Basic Test and Inspection of customers equipment by a Qualified Technician.


Customized Action Maintenance Program 4

(CAMP4) This Program is fully customized to meet the specific needs of the customer’s equipment.

Included in
Your CAMP Plans



Belt drives; drive couplings; air fins, etc.



Belt tension; refrigerant charge; superheat; fan RPM; water chemical feed and feed rate; burner fuel/air ratios; gas pressure; set point of controls and limits; compressor cylinder unloaders; damper close-off; sump floats, etc.



Safety controls; temperature and pressure controls, ect



motors; fan and damper bearings; valve stems; damper linkages; fan vane linkages, etc.



electrical connections; mounting bolts; pipe clamps; refrigerant piping fittings; damper sections, etc.



coil surfaces; fan impellers and blades; electrical contacts; burner orifices; passages and nozzles;pilot and igniter; cooling tower baffles, basin, sump and float; chiller condenser and boiler tubes, etc.


Modern Energy Efficient systems can dramatically improve the bottom line costs and energy efficiency of a building’s HVAC system. Utilizing state of the art mechanical systems, we specialize in enhancing comfort, minimizing HVAC repair and improving indoor air quality. These benefits, coupled with the amortized energy and repair cost savings make retrofitting your system both sensible and responsible.

There are many factors that go into knowing if your current system is the most energy efficient and thus cost efficient. We would be happy to run a diagnostics test to see if your system is functioning the way it’s intended to.

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We are available 24 hours a day and can be on-site within hours of your initial phone call to resolve any issues which may arise. At Jake Marshall Service, Inc. we understand the importance of minimizing the impact of downtime of any type of commercial system and are prepared to take the needed steps to get them up and running