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Energy Management

Energy Management

Our solutions for managing energy consumption are state of the art. Whether you have a single building or multiple buildings, we are able to continuously monitor energy use and automatically adjust equipment for optimal operating cost.

With innovative technology like Demand Limit Control, we can reduce energy demand – by either staging off equipment according to preset demand control set points or by adjusting equipment according to control set points. Consumption data is compiled in archives of daily, monthly and yearly KW and KWH electricity usage and SCFH gas usage.

Energy consumption can also be reduced through occupied/unoccupied scheduling, optimized stop and stop control, outside air or space temperature compensated control set point reset of boiler and chillers, as well as energy smart space temperature control set point adjustments.

Energy Management Systems are becoming a must for well-run, energy efficient buildings. In addition to the set point and night-setback features which can be handled by a programmable thermostat, an Energy Controls System can provide savings in many other ways including functions such as lighting and water temperatures.

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