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Honeywell (ACI)

Honeywell Certification (ACI)

As a Honeywell Authorized Controls Integrator (ACI), Jake Marshall Service, Inc. has attained the highest level for Honeywell independent contractors. With our ACI classification, Jake Marshall Service, Inc. has full factory support and access to Honeywell′s complete line of HVAC building control solutions, including WEBs, BACnet and Lonworks controllers, VFD′s and commercial components. Our partnership with Honeywell has allowed us to be the leading provider of Honeywell HVAC solutions in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

As a ACI Contractor we are authorized to sell and install Honeywell [highlight]WEBs-AX™[/highlight] systems as well as [highlight]SymmetrE™[/highlight] and [highlight]XL5000[/highlight] products. The WEBs-AX product line is based on Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework®, allowing us to integrate multiple protocols for HVAC controls as well as security and lighting integration.

Jake Marshall Service, Inc has two trained and certified employees on staff to support the products and systems they are installing. Jake Marshall Service, Inc has meet annual volume requirements to maintain Honeywell ACI status since 2002.


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Time Savings. Energy Savings.
They’re at the Core of VFD CORE. Think of the time you’ll save per job if you had a variable frequency drive (VFD) that covers nearly all of your commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications, is a breeze to install, takes minutes to program, and is backed by Honeywell dependability. You’d increase your profitability, and your customers would enjoy a lower installed cost and years of energy savings. Get it all with VFD CORE.
VDF Core Brochure

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TB7200, TB7300 and TB7600 Communicating Thermostats
Honeywell’s lineup of TB7200, TB7300 and TB7600 BACnet® and ZigBee® wireless mesh communicating thermostats deliver fully integrated functionality. All work seamlessly with WEBs-AX™, giving you more flexibility to serve more applications. Use the TB7200 for zone control, the TB7300 for fan coil, and the TB7600 for rooftop and heat pump PIR-ready applications.
Communicating Thermostats Brochure

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Compact VFD
The energy saving capabilities of variable frequency drives are well known. Many micro VFDs come loaded with features that are not necessary or do not fit the application. With the Honeywell Compact VFD, you customize the drive to meet the application. The Compact VFD allows you to select the appropriate number of inputs and outputs, the enclosure and EMC filter.
Compact VFD Brochure

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JADE™ Economizer
The JADE™ economizer doesn’t heat or cool anything. It simply brings in outdoor air to naturally lower a building’s interior temperature. You don’t need a certified programmer or installer to set up and operate the JADE economizer. JADE is designed to work seamlessly with existing and future roof top systems. The LCD screen delivers continuous messages, important diagnostics and system status.
JADE™ Economizer Brochure

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Pressure Regulated Flow Control Valves
Selecting, installing and commissioning Honeywell VRN and VRW Pressure Regulated Flow Control Valves is a quick and cost-effective process. The valves feature an integrated pressure control cartridge that delivers flow balancing and control functions in one package. And there’s no Cv calculation required – just pick the valve that matches the flow requirements. Honeywell makes it that easy.
Pressure Regulated Flow Control Valves Brochure

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Reveal™ Touchscreen Display
Say “Goodbye keyboard” and “Hello touchscreen” with the new Honeywell Reveal™ touchscreen display. High-definition not only describes the display, it also describes the control possibilities. Reveal provides real time status information for everything from comfort setpoints to alarm data to system performance. Small enough for easy mounting in even the tiniest equipment room, Reveal, built on the NiagaraAX Framework® interfaces seamlessly with all WEBs-AX controllers and makes information accessible from all systems connected to these controllers.
Reveal™ Touchscreen Display Brochure

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Security Enterprise
Control multiple facilities with WEBs-AX™ Enterprise Security. You’ll have all the management control you need to aggregate personnel, access and historical information from multiple locations onto one platform for system-wide reporting and programming. You’ll save time because multiple systems can be programmed once rather than programming each separately, and you’ll save energy because the integrated management allows tighter control of all systems.
Security Enterprise Brochure

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The Honeywell SmartVFD HVAC and BYPASS maximize savings by operating as part of a complete building control system, not in isolation – which is what you would expect from the leader in building controls.
SmartVFD HVAC and BYPASS Brochure

[toggle title=”Spyder® BACnet® and Spyder® Micro” opened=”no” ]
Spyder® BACnet® and Spyder® Micro
The Spyder® controller platform continues to grow – meeting more application demands. Select from standard size Spyder or Spyder Micro, which offers a smaller footprint for tight mounting requirements and reduced I/O count. The Spyder platform reduces installation, programming and servicing time all while using a controller that adapts to your application needs. Sylk® Bus lets you easily use the Honeywell Zio® LCD wall module for even more flexibility.
Spyder® BACnet® and Spyder® Micro Brochure

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Honeywell H-Series submeters provide energy usage data to analyze specific tenants, departments or equipment. The submeters work with a variety of building automation controllers, turning the gathered information into easy-to-use profiles and developing plans to save energy and lower costs. They can be monitored onsite or remotely, both in real time.
Submeters Brochure

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TR20 Wireless Sensors
In both new and retrofit applications, the TR20 wireless family integrates seamlessly with a wide range of controllers and thermostats, adding fully programmable building automation control – without the hassle and cost of wires and conduits. Labor time is greatly reduced, and sensor relocation is now a breeze.
TR20 Wireless Sensors Brochure

[toggle title=”WEB-602/WEB-202 Express Controllers” opened=”no” ]
WEB-602/WEB-202 Express Controllers
With the addition of WEB-602 and WEB-202 to the portfolio of building integration controllers, Honeywell continues to provide the most comprehensive and cost-effective range of controllers for intelligent buildings. These controllers cut contractor installation time and deliver lower total installed cost to building owners. The new controllers bring the benefits of a Web-enabled building solution to large scale, high density residential buildings, multi-use residential/commercial villages, and multiple retail/restaurant chain stores. The controllers are ideal for managing and controlling energy applications, helping buildings to become more efficient and allowing building owners to cut energy costs.
WEB-602-WEB-202 Express Controllers Brochure

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WEB-700 Controller
The latest generation of WEBs-AX™ controllers, the Honeywell WEB-700 supports multiple applications, including building automation and energy management on the same platform. The WEB-700 controllers, which are based on the NiagaraAX Framework®, provide complete, reliable building automation control with fewer components to maintain than bulkier, more complex controllers and are ideal for use in large facilities, multi-building facilities and large-scale control system integrations.
WEB-700 Controller Brochure

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WEBs-AX™ Video
Built on the NiagaraAX Framework®, Honeywell WEBs-AX™ Video integrates seamlessly into facility management systems. Honeywell WEBs-AX Video instantly feeds you live video to ensure a fast response to any alarm. You’ll get the improved security of video surveillance integrated with your building automation system, and you’ll get it at a low entry-level cost.
WEBs-AX™ Video Brochure

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Honeywell WebVision™ lets you manage your small-to-large building HVAC automation systems from a single interface. Monitoring tools are built directly into a controller, so you’ll be able to do the work you want to do efficiently and effectively – whether you’re onsite or working remotely. All you need is a Web browser and an Ethernet connection. From the energy savings of using demand limit control to the simplified maintenance using easily accessible information, WebVision is the smart choice for single-building applications.
WebVision™ Brochure

[toggle title=”Wireless Occupancy Solution” opened=”no” ]
Wireless Occupancy Solution
The age-old problem of running wires has been solved – there aren’t any wires to run. Honeywell’s wireless technology makes installation clean and easy. Your customers will enjoy saving energy, and you’ll enjoy saving installation time. With the Honeywell Wireless Occupancy Solution, everyone wins.
Wireless Occupancy Solution Brochure

[toggle title=”Zelix™ Actuator” opened=”no” ]
Zelix™ Actuator
The new Honeywell Zelix™ Spring-Return Low-Torque direct-coupled actuator is light and compact, yet delivers torque at 44 lb-in – 25% more than competitive models. Because they deliver more torque than competitive models, you’ll be able to put an end to extra money spent on unneeded power just to get an actuator to work with larger dampers – get the power without the waste.
Zelix™ Actuator Brochure

[toggle title=”Zio™ and Zio Plus LCD Wall Module” opened=”no” ]
Unmatched Access and Control
Never before have you had such access to parameters without the need for a PC. Honeywell Zio and Zio Plus LCD Wall Modules give you controller access — including scheduling — for greater network control without the need for a separate interface.
Zio™ and Zio Plus LCD Wall Module Brochure

[toggle title=”Stryker Controllers” opened=”no” ]
Off-the-shelf configurability so you can finish the job faster.
Stryker is the controller you want when you need to do an install and want the job done quickly. It’s perfect for jobs with a large number of variable air volume (VAV) boxes, where programming time can be significant. With Stryker you’ll have a robust controller that can be easily installed. Its off-the-shelf configurations will be functioning in seconds. And you’ll be moving on to the next job.
Stryker Controllers Brochure


Honeywell (ACI) Official Confirmation


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